C operators precedence

1++ --Suffix/postfix increment and decrementLeft-to-right
()Function call
[]Array subscripting
.Structure and union member access
->Structure and union member access through pointer
(type){list}Compound literal(C99)
2++ --Prefix increment and decrementRight-to-left
+ -Unary plus and minus
! ~Logical NOT and bitwise NOT
(type)Type cast
*Indirection (dereference)
_AlignofAlignment requirement(C11)
3* / %Multiplication, division, and remainderLeft-to-right
4+ -Addition and subtraction
5<< >>Bitwise left shift and right shift
6< <=For relational operators < and <= respectively
> >=For relational operators > and >= respectively
7== !=For relational = and != respectively
8&Bitwise AND
9^Bitwise XOR (exclusive or)
10|Bitwise OR (inclusive or)
11&&Logical AND
12||Logical OR
13?:Ternary conditionalRight-to-Left
14=Simple assignment
+= -=Assignment by sum and difference
*= /= %=Assignment by product, quotient, and remainder
<<= >>=Assignment by bitwise left shift and right shift
&= ^= |=Assignment by bitwise AND, XOR, and OR